The Neo-Goth Bridal look

We all Goth girls have one time or the other dreamt of a Goth wedding. We have fantasized those horror themes, the black roses, the black fabric and have made several debates about weather we would go all in with the makeup or just let the outfits speak for themselves.

But here is a problem, in our Indian culture, black is actively discouraged in weddings because it is related to the color of mourning. Also, the exposure to a Goth culture is less and belonging to a society that believes in conformity, I have rarely seen a Goth Indian wedding. The only recent news was that Bollywood actors, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh had a Gothic wedding reception. You can check out the article here. 

I was heavily unimpressed by their so called ‘Goth’ theme because it was a huge mismatch with the entire concept of Goth. That being said, Goth has mixed into several other traditions to form a unique blend in every culture.

So, getting back to the weddings. I was curious to see what would happen if I mix the Indian bridal attire with Goth and make a whole new outfit for myself. Maybe not a complete bridal, but good enough to draw some inspiration from if you are planning to completely rebel at your next family wedding and go Goth. Without much further ado, here is what I came up with.




As you can clearly see, my lehenga is very simple and only has golden borders at the borders (From Maxfashions for INR 1500). I coupled it with a black blouse that has lace half sleeves and a golden dupatta that was a gift from my mother. There is another black dupatta that I wore which is just a simple dupatta from Biba (INR 800).


As you can see, there are patterns etched on the golden dupatta as well. I went for a golden-black duo because weddings in India use gold jewelry as their prime ornament metal. It signifies prosperity and generosity. Thus, I decided not to change that one detail for my look. However, if you want, you can always choose platinum, silver or even diamonds according to your needs.


I went for a warmer tone makeup using my Colorbar foundation in the shade Nude beige 002. You can buy it here. You can always choose your contour according to whatever suits best to you. I just went ahead with contouring my nose and cheekbones. Next, for the eyes, I went for a bold golden eyeshadow smokey eye. I used Huda Beauty Warm Brown Obsessions . For my lips, I wanted to go all black with the lipstick but also didn’t want to completely ditch the red lipstick. I found a middle ground and went for ombre lips. For the outer circle, I used my black lipstick and for the red, I used Sephora’s rouge. My eyeliner is from lakme and I lined my upper and lower inner lids with black soot.


Do not forget to pop the tops of your cheeks, the tip of the nose, brow bone and cupid’s bow with your highlighter pallet. I use this one.



With the look complete, I needed the bridal jewelry to match too. Thus, I got a set of earrings and head accessory from Amazon India for INR 400. It was so beautiful and of course, I decided to go with my heaviest choker for this one. Also, the nose ring is a must (and I say a must, because I simply adore them). I wore this one gifted by my friend and photographer of these beautiful pictures, Lisha. Check out her page her.


After I was done with this particular traditional look, I decided to experiment a little bit and I actually untied my hair from the bun and used my head accessory differently, just so you know that getting creative is fun and a great way to explore your choices. Here is what I came up with.




I felt that both of the looks did justice to the look that I was going for. If you have any questions for queries regarding the look, just ask me up in the comment section below. Hope you all slay, my queens!

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White Goth

So, I was cruising through the internet to find an accurate definition of white Goth and apparently nobody has ever laid it out there. The funniest one I came across was ‘Goth, but in white’.

Here’s my understanding of the White Goth phenomenon. White Goth reverses the contrast strategy (the all black on the white skin; if you do need to understand how that would translate in an Ethnic Goth scenario, stay tuned cause I’m yet to write one on that topic) and instead places it in the context of white and white or in the case of Ethnic Goth, their color and all white.

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-16 at 12.10.14 PM.jpeg

There were many ways to explain it in the context of ethnic Goth but I’m leaving that topic for later exploration.

White Goth is a perfect example of how the lifestyle of Goth is the presiding factor of the Goth subculture and not the fashion. Light doesn’t always means good. Darkness doesn’t always mean evil.

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-16 at 12.10.16 PM(1).jpeg

I tried the white Goth look too but in my own subtle way of experimentation. I should apologize for not having a closeup of the makeup which was a bummer but the place where we shot at wasn’t really supportive for the close-up photography. I would definitely add a description here of the makeup.


The makeup does include using pale makeup products to give you that look. If you notice, white Goths usually make sure that their face is whiter than the rest of the body to bring out the makeup.

I had figured out a white dress with lace patterns and white sneakers for the look. You can add stockings if you like depending on your choice. Also, if you want a GothicLolita look, you can add beautiful gloves to it too. However, I was going for a more casual look so I decided that I’d skip those.

The makeup was definitely my base with a nude shade of lipstick. I used Colorbar’s shade 98 (wanna be) and for the eyes, I used the Huda beauty Warm obsessions’s pallet for a subtle wash of color (I used a brown but you can go for a shade that is two or three shades lighter to your eyelid color). I brushed my compact powder on my eyelashes to give it that frosted look.

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-16 at 12.10.22 PM.jpeg

My dress was from Reliance Trends (I don’t remember the exact amount but it was somewhere near 1000 INR) and my sneakers were from Max fashions (1000 INR). The sneakers might still be in stock. They are really versatile and could go with any outfit. Goth or not.


However, I’d say that I wasn’t very satisfied by the look myself because there was nothing really distinct about it. That could also be partly because I have limited resources in my country to put an outfit together.

However, I did have fun recreating my own version of the look. Hope ya’ll like it. Let me know your thoughts and if you are looking to recreate this look, tag me please.

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Till then, keep killing the game.


“Do not worry about your contradictions- Persephone is both floral maiden and queen of death. You, too, can be both.”                                                                       -Nicloe McElhaney


Persephone symbolized with a pomegranate in her hand. She is the Greek Goddess of the Underworld. She is the wife of Hades (God of underworld) and daughter of Zeus and Demeter.


Persephone has the famous legend of how she became the Goddess of the underworld, hence, known as the “Maiden”. She was seen by Hades once who got so mesmerized by her beauty that he kidnapped her and took her along with him to the underworld. When Demeter couldn’t find her daughter, she grew frantic. She began searching high and low for her daughter. She got really angry when she heard about what Hades did. However, Hades and later came to a pact that Persephone would stay with her mother for six moths and her husband Hades, for another six.


Thus, the seasons were formed. When spring comes, it usually is Persephone’s entry into the realm of the living. During the time of fall, she leaves for the underworld to continue the rest of the year with Hades.


However, I believe another version of this story. It wasn’t Hades who kidnapped her, but it was her who wandered off into the underworld. When Hades found her, he saw that she was living. This irked him because no living is allowed to enter the underworld. He asked her to leave. However, she was adamant she wanted to stay. Thus, their love story started.

The reason? I believe that she wasn’t the maiden who was tricked into having the seeds of death (pomegranate) but made a conscious decision to do so. She was a Goddess who knew what she wanted.


She is the kind of Goddess that teaches us to honor our choices and our desires. They are but, a reflection of our souls. She is fearless. She honors and accepts death instead of fearing it. There is a reason she is Hades’s queen and the Goddess of the underworld. There is a reason she is still accepted by someone as mundane as a farmer but also a God like Hades. She defies light and darkness and creates her own reality- empress.

I tried the Instagram famous skull painting

Hey loves,

I have been seeing these beautiful painted faces on Instagram. If you haven’t been following it and need to do a little catching up, go type out #skullmakeup on the app and you would be flooded with the images of aesthetic skulls on your screen.

So I tried it. Face painting has been one of my strongest suite but I had never done it on myself so here is what I looked like.


I decided to skip the bridal attire that is prevalent on these makeup and instead decided to carry it with formals. I ended up creating something out of it.

I used poster paint to achieve the look. There are two advantages I saw in using poster paint:

  1. It comes off easily. It doesn’t clings to the skin.
  2. It is super affordable to create as these paints are available in any art store.


Also, I wanted a cracked imperfect look instead of a smooth surface. If you want to have a smooth surface, just be more careful and in that case, layering helps.

Be careful on your eyes and lips. I actually used high quality soot around my eye area. The skin around the eyes is delicate and using paint stands a chance of causing damage to the area so refrain from putting anything that would cause you to feel pain. You can also go for a highly pigmented eyeshadow if you want that smooth look.


On the lips, I used my black lipstick. I wasn’t taking any chances with my delicate lips and you shouldn’t too. The stitches that I have painted was by the paint again.


It took me less than thirty minutes to paint my face. Also, for additional details such as blackening in between the areas to make it more dramatic, I just waited for the paint to dry off a little bit to dab it on my face.

You can decide your outfit according to your whims and fancies.


Removing the makeup might be a little difficult because it has been a lot of product. The trickiest part are the eyes so make sure that you rub the area with almond or coconut oil to effectively take off the soot.


That was all. I had fun recreating this look.

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Shadow self

Let me make one thing very clear. This is not your alter ego I’m writing about.

There exists a shadow self in all of us. We make it a part of ourselves to escape and resolve our present.

Before I talk about it, let me explain what is shadow self.

In mystical explanations, your shadow self is the veil between your authentic self (the real representation of your soul) and the self that you portray in the world. The shadow contains in itself trauma, violence and memories (even of your past lives) due to which it ends up forming patterns to escape when the same situations tend to occur. For example, I may have a fear or phobia of spiders because in my past, I was bitten by one which caused potential harm to me. Now, the memory sits in my head and I cannot even look at spiders.


What the shadow self does is exactly similar. To protect us from getting back to a similar situation, it forms patterns.

These patterns served a purpose when they were formed. But now, it holds us back and nothing else. It fills us with irrational fears and phobias that we tend to never let go off and meet our authentic selves to meet the purpose of our soul journeys. We live, fumble around and without knowing what we came for, die.


That prospect is scary to me. If it scares you, you might be looking for answers.

How do I meet my authentic self so that I can find out about my journey?

The more you discover yourself, the more you can allow yourself to thrive. The more you would understand yourself and the more love you’d be able to give.

So hear me out. You need to do shadow work. It can be painful when you dig deep within yourself and experience the trauma you went through but that is how healing works. It is messy and painful. Here is the thing, there is no getting to your own self until and unless you do it. there is dirty work to be done there and needs to be acknowledged.

How you would do that is somewhere I cannot step. It is your own journey. Start small by doing your own research. You would understand that there are a lot of unaddressed issues but if you want the truth and understand where it will all make sense, this is your world.

And remember, self-love is a beautiful and fulfilling thing. Stay there and see how the world changes.

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Turn Yourself into the Devil!

I have always loved experimenting with ideas. Goths are always considered to be Satanists. Why? Well, because we dress up dark clothes and have a humor that is far from dark. I would have been offended with that association, but then again, why get offended when you can actually have fun with the idea?

What did I do? I looked through my closet to create my own version of the devil. And lets just be honest, the idea of dressing yourself as the devil has been in trend since Elizabeth Hurley has just shown how hot the devil can be. (In case you haven’t gotten that reference, please google ‘Bedazzled’. Thank me later!)

So, here’s it y’all!

IMG_9181.JPGYou can definitely see my dress. The classic red and black trope playing here.

I kept it simple with the dress. No extravagant clothing, no capes. I wanted quite a modern look with it so if you want to add those vintage collars or capes, you are free to do so. I did add the fishnets, though. It was quite the delight for my dress.

For my makeup, I kept it pretty poppy. I used two colors dominantly: red and black for the entire look. I opted for a cute crease makeup with black being the outer border and red going in the inner corner. I did extend the black to my lower lash line for the dramatic effect.

IMG_9171 The lipstick color, as you can see, was red because I wasn’t going to keep the makeup less dramatic anywhere.

Something that I did different was the contour. I used my red blush to go for the contour. It really highlighted my cheekbones and gave it much needed devilish edge. This is the finished look.


There you go! This look is super easy and non-fussy to create. All you need is your basic makeup with your red lipstick. Do make sure to use the right shade of red that compliments your skin tone.

Till then, love!

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Before I start to tell you how, I want to tell you why. Why being a boss who drapes herself/himself in the dark shades is the coolest? Why that will do nothing but make people take you seriously? Because being Gothic in office is more than embracing yourself. It’s all about telling people that you are not ready to tolerate their bullshit. You get work done on your terms and nobody stops you from doing it. And I am not talking about the ‘oh I’m scary and you gotta listen to me personality’. In fact, no one needs to Goth up for that.

What I am pointing out here is more psychological than anything. The reason being, black is the color of authority. There is a reason why black is anyway chosen for the corporate world. Over that, a gothic outfit can work wonders. Let me show you how to do it.

When it comes to professional office wear, we all think of two things- a skirt or formal pants in three piece attire. Nothing is sexier than a man or a woman who knows his/her business. We all know that they have a commanding air with themselves. And if you are gothic, this is your perfect sexy outlet.


Do you like wearing that long sleek pencil skirt? Go ahead! Just remember to pair it with perfect top so that it gives just the right amount of authority, goth vibes and professionalism. Show them that you are the lady that knows her way in the business and the outfit. Also, pairing it with your best pair of fishnets can help a great deal. Do not forget your pumps. They are just the gorgeousness you need in your outfit the next time you are going to the office.IMG_7958IMG_7943

Since the outfit has the touch of chic in it, you can always go for a make-up that defines your gothic nature. You sure can go about it by either dramatic lip color or bold eyes, or both. Carly Rae Jepsen might care a little bit, but I know, you ‘really don’t care!’

If you ever think that wearing skirt to an office is too girly and uncomfortable, we understand. If you are in a job that needs you to be on a constant run, it’s rather hard to keep struggling within those A-line skirts. My solution? Opt for professional pants. They are reliable, comfortable and will never leave you feeling that you aren’t the one wearing pants in the office.



My advice would be to pair it with black shirt or jackets to complete the outfit. You can very well go to wear sneakers, boots or platforms on it to give you the comfort you need. In fact, the makeup does not need to be complicated for office wear. Our only advice would be to ditch the red lipstick for the black if you want to try something new. Are you ready to create a new reputation in your office? Start dressing!

And do not forget to spread your gothic vibes!